Chris Lyons



Chris is a New York born, Florida raised chef that has always had a passion for working in the kitchen. His Italian roots pushed him to pursue his passion and expand his knowledge about cuisine. He attended the Florida Culinary Institute where he completed his Bachelors in Culinary Arts. Then after relocating to Atlanta, he obtained his Associates in Business Management from the Art Institute of Atlanta. His career then started to take off after four years of working under chef Paul Albrecht of Pano's & Paul's. To date, he has worked for over 12 years as both a sous chef and executive chef. He has worked for multi-million dollar restaurants, managing the kitchen and staff at some of the top restaurants in Atlanta. Now with a family to support and a new community to become a member of, Chris decided that there couldn't be a better time to open up Table 20. Together, with his wife Allie, they hope to become a staple in the Carterville community. Come to Table 20, meet Chef Chris, and enjoy a memorable meal and great experience unlike any other!